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tiny sugars mother's bracelets
Swarovski Crystals Twin Mothers Bracelets
Personalize dozens of exclusive mothers bracelet designs with our palette of over 20 Swarovski crystal birthstone choices.
Substitute a different color or simply let us know what month(s) you would like woven into your design.
Twin Mothers Bracelets
birthstone jewelry and mothers bracelets by tiny sugars
Sterling silver Mothers Bracelets for yourself or as a gift.  Personalize one of our a tiny sugars Mother's Bracelets and it will be as unique as your family it
represents. Stroll through our collection of exclusive twin Birthstone Jewelry designs. Choose two names in a strand featuring all sterling silver, genuine
freshwater pearls, natural semi-precious gemstones, 14k gold accents or personalize with Swarovski crystals.
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