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Let us help you
select the perfect gift.
tiny sugars mother's bracelets
Single Name mothers bracelets
click on a photo to personalize our mothers bracelets
Stroll through our collection of exclusive single name mothers bracelets. Personalize any of our
all sterling silver, genuine freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstones, 14k gold accents or a
wonderful blend of multiple accents. Brilliant Swarovski crystals provide the perfect personalized
accent in any birthstone combination.
Personalize a tiny sugars mother's bracelet and it will be as
unique as your family it represents.
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The perfect baby shower
gift for the new Mom
Surprise her with a gift
she'll cherish forever.  A
personalized jewelry gift
from tiny sugars is a
wonderful, heartfelt gift for
a sister, daughter or close
friend. Provide a new
Mom with a beautiful baby
shower gift with any of our
single name mother's
bracelets and twin
mother's bracelets.
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