Confetti Mothers Necklaces
The Confetti mother's necklace celebrates the joy of having large families with a lavish
supply of Swarovski crystals available in any color combination. Hand wrapped tiny
Swarovski crystals frame the letters beautifully on the Confetti mother's necklace. All can be
personalized to perfectly reflect your family's birthstones. The letters can also be
personalized to appropriately recognize your special loved one.
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Lavish Swarovski Crystals - birthstone jewelry features
The Confetti mothers necklace features exquisitely handcrafted Bali style accents.  These
sterling silver accents are created by craftsmen by hand and sometimes have slight
variations from the image shown.

  • 26 grams approx total weight (as shown) of Swarovski crystals and sterling silver
  • 17 inches in length
  • Large 5.5mm sterling silver letters
  • Luxurious sterling silver beads and accents
  • Finished with an Italian sterling silver chain and lobster clasp
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Birthstone Jewelry that is Personalized and Uniquely Yours
Each Confetti mothers necklace is created by hand based upon your personal request. Your
Confetti mothers necklace may differ slightly depending upon the number of letters in your
jewelry design.
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