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personalized jewelry - circle toggle
personalized jewelry - heart toggle
personalized jewelry - square toggle
personalized jewelry - rectangle toggle
personalized jewelry - petite toggle
personalized jewelry - lobster clasp large
personalized jewelry - lobster clasp small
personalized jewelry - lobster clasp rotate
Circle toggle
6 grams sterling silver
Petite toggle
3 grams sterling silver
Square toggle
5 grams sterling silver
Rectangle toggle
5 grams sterling silver
Heart toggle
6 grams sterling silver
Lobster Clasp - large
1 gram sterling silver
Lobster Clasp - medium
1 gram sterling silver
Our Lobster Clasps rotate so your
mothers bracelet doesn't have to
personalized jewelry - magnetic clasp closed
personalized jewelry - magnetic clasp flip
personalized jewelry - magnetic clasp open
Magnet Clasp - closed
Magnet Clasp - top & bottom
Magnet Clasp - open
Sterling Silver Toggles
Our toggles are hand selected for their beauty and solid craftsmanship.  Toggles are my personal favorite as I select toggles for every mothers bracelet I
design and wear personally.  You will find these to be very easy to close, secure enough for an active lifestyle and substantial enough to provide the perfect
balance on your wrist.  And their individual beauty further accentuates your personalized jewelry design.  (Not every design is available on every mothers
Sterling Silver Lobster Clasps
Our lobster clasps are solid sterling silver and more substantial than most.  We selected these for their solid feel and ability to rotate and twist.  This creates
less strain on your bracelet as you don't have to worry about untwisting your mothers bracelet before fastening it.  Lobster clasps are much lighter and more
petite than toggles yet offer similar security for any active lifestyle.  Compared to toggles, the lobster clasps are typically not as easy to fasten without
assistance or greater dexterity.  (Not available on every mothers bracelet.  We automatically match the proper size lobster clasp with each mothers bracelet.)
Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasps
The perfect clasp when ease of fastening is a priority.  We selected these sterling silver magnetic clasps due to their beautiful design, ease of use and the
most secure feeling we've found. Our magnetic clasps are solid sterling silver and combine the ease of a secure magnetic bond with a double sided,
locking bracket within the clasp.  While these do provide a nice secure hold with gentle tugs, these should not be used for an active lifestyle.  (Not available
on every mothers bracelet).