Mothers Bracelets | Selecting the Proper Size
The sizes listed for our mother's bracelets represent the actual size of the bracelet in inches.  The proper size for our mother's bracelets is either to add 1/4
inch to your wrist size for a slightly snug fit or add 1/2 inch for a slightly loose fit.

First, measure your wrist with a soft tape measure between the base of your hand and your wrist bone (the small knobby bump on your wrist).  This is
generally the second smallest measurement on your lower arm and just slightly larger than where most women wear their watches.  I prefer a slightly snug fit
and add a 1/4 inch to my wrist size so that the letters on my mother's bracelet remain on the top of the my wrist.  About half of my clients add 1/2 inch to
their wrist size as they prefer a looser fit and like their mother's bracelets to have a little more movement.

Adding Another Name to your Mothers Bracelet
All of our mothers bracelets can be customized to accommodate the addition of another name or two.  Depending upon the design, we could add another
strand or adjust an existing strand.  We'll work with you to provide the perfect solution.  Once we've confirmed a design, we'll post a personal web page for
you to review and complete your purchase.  Then you will ship your mothers bracelet back to us for a thorough cleaning and restringing.  We'll recreate
your new design and ship your beautiful new mothers bracelet back to you.  Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Mothers Jewelry
All mothers jewelry and mother's bracelets purchased from are guaranteed for defects in materials or craftsmanship for as long as you own
the item. Examples of items that may not be under warranty include, but are not limited to:
  • discoloration due to a) exposure to excessive chlorine such as levels found in hut tubs, b) harsh or abrasive cleaning chemicals
  • breakage due to excessive abuse such as snagging the jewelry on heavy or moving objects
Warranty coverage is determined at the sole discretion of tiny sugars ltd. Refer to the Shipping Section for information about scheduling a warranty repair.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We want your gift experience to be exceptional. If either you or your gift recipient are not completely satisfied with your mother's bracelet or mothers
jewelry purchase, I'll happily replace it with another selection or issue a refund (less s&h).  See our guarantee page for additional information.

Free Cleaning and Size Adjustments
Contact us at anytime to schedule a free cleaning or resizing of your mother's bracelet.  Refer to our Shipping Section for instructions.

Jewelry Care
Use a sterling silver cleaning cloth to maintain the luxurious luster of your jewelry.  It is very important to refrain from using household cleaning products to
clean your mothers jewelry.  These products can be very harsh and can either dull the finish on the pearls or actually remove the oxidation on many of the
ornamental sterling silver beads such as those we import from Bali.

Payment Options
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express via Chase Bank.  We also accept PayPal.

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