awareness bracelets | bunches of kisses
awareness bracelets | hugs n kisses
The Hugs n Kisses breast cancer awareness bracelet will provide constant cheer
with it's warm blend of Swarovski rose and lite rose colored crystals complemented
by luxurious sterling silver and Bali accents. The bracelet is further accented with
my signature hand wrapped Swarovski crystals that gently dangle on the wrist.
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Awareness Personalized Jewelry
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Sterling silver Awareness Bracelets for yourself or as a gift for someone you care
about. Personalize one of our a tiny sugars awareness bracelet designs or contact us
and we'll create a custom design to meet your needs.
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mother's bracelets | hope in topaz and tourmaline
The tiny sugars Bunches of Kisses breast cancer awareness bracelet smothers you
in forty hand wrapped Swarovski rose and lite rose crystals - my signature tiny kisses
design - that gently dangle on the wrist. Soft white sterling silver Bali accents
blend with warm pink Swarovski satin pearls to provide additional warmth.
mother's bracelets | blush in topaz